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UltraBill – Functional Advantage for Wholesale Line Resellers

Order Management
1. The Service Provider users can save unfinished orders, complete them and submit at a later date.
2. Order Types supported:
• New Orders
    • Residential Single Line
    • Business Single Line
    • Multi-line Auxiliary
• Change
• Transfer
• Wholesale Access
    • Call Mapping??
• Carrier Pre-Select Orders – sent by CPS Operators.
    • CPS WLR Setup
    • CPS Retain – e.g. in Like for Like Transfer
    • Change of Address
    • Cease
3. Order Progression

Order Forecasting
Based on the following factors, order forecasting models can be used to forecast orders for N+1, N+2 and N+3 months:
    • Previous month performance
    • Industry Performance
    • Last Year’s performance
    • Other user defined parameters

Gateway Interfaces
Interface with the relevant Gateways:
1. Service Provider Gateway – UltraBill comes with the following features:
• XML interface for bulk order placement.
• Responses taken from the SPG at user-defined intervals and automatically updated into the system.
• Request information from the SPG at user defined intervals. This information could be the following:
    1. Search Order/BulkOrder Results
    2. Get_Worklist request for rejected orders
    3. Acknowledge Order
• Synchronize the billing system with SPG at user defined intervals.
2. Carrier Pre-Select Gateway – UltraBill comes with the following features:
• Service Provider can place the order with BT directly if the CPS Operator is registered with BT.
• CPS Operators can sync with the CPS gateway out-of-the-box.

Settlement System
1. BT for PSTN line rentals – Reconciliation with BT for line rentals and calls sent over the BT network. Tracks payments and receipts of invoices also.
2. CPS Operator for call carriage settlement

Trouble Ticketing and Repairs
The system tracks the trouble tickets and the line repairs to be undertaken with BT.
1. Alerts one day before, the date of scheduled repair and delays in the scheduled repair dates through e-mail or SMS interfaces

Credit Control
1. Credit Controls on the end-users and partners

Delivery Model
1. Remote Installation and Commissioning
2. Managed Services – Application Management, Bill Runs, Price Plan Management, Commissions Management, Payments and Receipts alerts





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