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VOIP Billing


Brainroots offers both post-paid and pre-paid billing solutions for Voice over IP usages. Each solution is discussed below.

• CDR based Post–paid billing
   The solution takes the Call Data Records from remote Gateways, loads usages and generates the     bills. It also provides Mediation functions to convert raw CDRs into standard formats for processing.     Key features of   the solution are given below:
     -- Any CDR format can be rated and billed.
     -- Zone based rating for different kind of CDR formats.
     -- Handles multiple parameters like duration, bytes, QoS, Point of Origin for billing.
     -- Ability to create bill for an account at any time (weekly, monthly, quarterly ,daily)
    -- Customer Care interface with ability to view sample invoices and real invoice with drill down          functionality to view usages.
     -- Scheduling process for automatically triggering the mediation activity.
    -- Mailing process that provides detail information of all CDRs that have been processed by CDR          loader Client.
     -- Smooth interface with the LDAP server.
     -- Capablity of processing 1 million CDRs in 4 hours.

• Real Time Pre–paid billing
  This solution manages the complete life cycle of pre-paid cards, starting from the PIN generation to    the time that the cards become inactive or closed.
    --  RADIUS interface with the Voice Gateways and Gatekeeper.
    --  Vendor management through tiered access Levels so that vendors can independently manage         their pre-paid card inventory
    --  Real-time authentication, authorisation and accounting of calls from the pre-paid cards
    -- Radius interface that maintains user information like user name and password. The information          regarding user authorisation for getting a required service is also maintained by this system. It is          also capable of interfacing with other available Radius
    --   Automatic call disconnect functionality
    --  Simultaneous handling of over 500 call sessions.

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