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Interconnect Billing Services

Brainroots offers a fault tolerant, powerful and reliable solution for interconnect billing settlements and billing that is scalable to high volumes and can be implemented rapidly for handling the voice/ data products and services. It can handle the complexity of multi carrier, multi switch and dynamic network environments. Data flow for interconnect billing settlement is depicted below.

Key Features

Support for multiple services standard telephony, premium rate services, mobile, ILD, Radio    paging,    hubbing and refile, international resale, indirect access, VPN, callback, zero duration calls,    internet,    number portability, international settlements based on ITU rules, pulse and minute  based    calls, etc.
Flexible rate-plan handling with time-models, zone-models, Network-models, etc.
Extensible modules to support any CDR format
Detection mechanism for duplicate or invalid CDRs
Aggregation of CDRs based on rules
Re-rating of the CDRs
Import of zone details from flat files
Generation of conciliation reports
Usage Reports comparing zones, customers, time of day, etc.
Automated interconnect billing for sophisticated interconnect agreements
Handles the complexity of multi-carrier, multi-switch, and dynamic network environments
In-memory rating



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