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Content Billing Services

The old Confucius saying, “may you live in interesting times” could not be more fitting for those of us that work in the telco community. Around the world we are witnessing a revolution as telcos struggle to survive a fall in traditional revenue streams and increased competition.

Personalized / interactive services will become increasingly important as a market differentiator and channel for new revenues. Customers will be given far greater control over their services and accounts supporting the concept of self-care and self-provisioning and enabling carriers to compete more effectively.

These days, the majority of communication and information services are billed on a time or byte basis. Nowadays end-users simply want more relevant billing and pricing schemes. That is, customers want to be billed in terms of content delivery: pay per event and pay per value.

UltraBill is a complete solution for content billing that can interface with the legacy pre-paid and post-paid billing solutions or can be a stand-alone system. Key features of the solution are set out below.

• Billing for data Services
   Location Based Services
   Mobile/WAP Browsing

• Real-time or Data Record based billing

• Settlement with content partners

• Time or event based billing

• Interface with payment gateways for pre-paid scenario

ULTRABILL- Content Billing Solution

UltraBill allows service providers to manage the complexities of a multi-party business environment in which the mobile user, the network operator, other retailers, and intermediaries communicate and transact. It enables operators to offer a value-add to content providers –a definite benefit in a market where operators will compete for both subscribers and content partners. The robust, web-based self-care capabilities of UltraBill’s content solution allow content providers to intuitively manage their own content services using existing technology.

Encourage higher value and higher margins Services
• Allow Contents providers to change for services over operator’s billing platform.
• Allow flexible revenue sharing model to keep content providers profitable (e.g. share revenue derived from traffic volume)
Increase Breadth and diversity of services
• Operator open content development and aggregation to broader range of providers
• Services segmentation and sub-branding to channel content towards specific user community





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