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Brainroots draws upon over 50 years of combined experience in the TBSS domain with core competencies in the vertical segments of mediation, retail billing, CRM, interconnect billing, order management and revenue assurance.

The product development and implementation team comprises people with varied experience in the telecom domain including mobile, fixed line, ISP, broadband, VoIP, data centers, CATV and gaming. The knowledge pool has been further enriched by the Company’s integrated team structure for product development and consulting services.

Further, the team has been exposed to a variety of technologies, platforms and applications in the TBSS domain as set out below.

• Implementations on various platforms

Brainroots can implement solutions on any type of existing platform of the CSP, given its extensive experience in the J2EE architecture. Capabilities in the J2EE framework include deep experience in Struts, EJBs and XML. The Company has extensive experience in live deployments on Sun Solaris, Linux RedHat and various databases like Oracle, MySQL, DB2 and Postgres. Other areas of expertise include IBM Tivoli, Open LDAP, Netscape SuiteSpot, C/C++ and PERL.

• Integration of legacy systems through appropriate middleware products

Brainroots can integrate the disparate legacy systems of the CSPs through the use of appropriate middleware products. The Company has live implementation experience in the following:
MQSeries – This was the middleware implemented for a fixed line broadband provider in Philippines. The EAI platform was used in making their disparate systems talk to each other using XML tags.
Vitria BusinessWare – This was the middleware of choice for a large Japanese operator. This was used primarily as an order management and provisioning engine for interfacing with a downstream BSS system.
Fiorano Tifosi – Brainroots is an implementation partner for Fiorano, a market leader in the Java Messaging Bus space. As a part of the partnership, Brainroots is promoting its EAI product Tifosi.

• Deployment on various Application Servers

Brainroots can deploy its own as well as third party solutions on various application servers. The Company has live experience with a number of Java Application Servers as stated below.
WebSphere – UtraBill has been successfully deployed and benchmark tested on Websphere. A number of team members have experience on deploying and tuning applications on Websphere. Currently, there is 1 live deployment on Websphere.
Pramati – UltraBill has also been deployed on Pramati Servers, and tuned to optimally utilise hardware resources to deliver high performance and stability. Currently, there are 2 live deployments on Pramati.
Tomcat – Brainroots has extensively worked with Tomcat in the past, both on own products and third party solutions. Tomcat was deployed by a large carrier in Mumbai for its Graphical User Interfaces and Brainroots successfully executed the stability and performance tuning of Tomcat to handle large loads of online customer requests.

• Interface development

Brainroots can develop interfaces between disparate systems including real-time interface with IN platform and BSS, interface with Payment Gateways, and interface with the legacy accounts receivable systems.
Interface with Vitria – For a Japanese client, Brainroots built a real-time interface between Vitria and the downstream BSS for exchanging provisioning information.
Interface with credit card Payment Gateways – Brainroots has built interfaces with a number of Payment Gateways for real-time customer care transaction.
Interface with SMS-C – Brainroots has implemented a real-time interface between the SMS-C and BSS for a large provider in Australia. This was done to enable pre-paid and real-time SMS billing.
Interface with Ericsson IN platform and Ericsson MMSC – A leading operator in New Zealand required real-time billing of pre-paid MMS. For this, a solution was deployed for real-time rating from the Ericsson MMSC to the BSS. The rated events were exported in real-time from the BSS to the IN platform which would be able to deduct pre-paid balances in real-time.



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