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Managed services refer to outsourcing of billing related operations of CSPs. Brainroots offers managed services on a service bureau model based on UltraBill. Under this model, UltraBill sold to the client is hosted at a data centre and managed by Brainroots personnel. The specific activities that can be managed by Brainroots are set out below.

Billing and Reporting
Running billing cycles and generating bill data / invoices to be sent to customers.
Loading payment and adjustment information to the billing system.
Configuration changes such as loading new price plans, changing account details and status.
Running daily and weekly management reports.

Revenue Assurance and Settlement Services
 Revenue assurance services through random sampling based invoice checking, reconciliation    reports   and financial / ledger reporting.
Revenue reconciliation and settlement services for interconnect or other partner settlements.
  Revenue Enhancement through data mining
Data mining services to provide trends and analysis to enable CSPs to create new pricing structures,   reducing customer churn and increasing customer loyalty.

CRM and Telemarketing Services
Brainroots may partner with call centers to provide support for
24x7 CRM support through the billing platform.
Customer acquisition through telemarketing.

Security Services
All e-mail communications through secure PKI infrastructure so that sensitive information such as   pricing, reporting is not compromised.
  The billing system is secured through password protection, secure Telnet and tiered access  levels     for all system operators.
VPN connections for access over Internet and firewall protection for the Billing System.
Daily backups and maintenance to ensure no loss of data.

Infrastructure Management
Hosting and maintaining the hardware and software to provide the end to end solution.
Providing sufficient uptime and service level through hardware redundancy and 24x7 support
Running daily maintenance, backups and operational tasks.



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