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NetBill-A Web Hosted Telecom Billing Solution

NetBill – A Web Hosted Telecom Billing Solution provides a hosted billing (billing over Internet) service for wholesale telecom carriers. It provides a full-featured billing system via your secure Web browser, while eliminating the burden of maintaining costly on-site billing hardware, software, and staff.

This type of telecom billing is alternately called termination billing, wholesale billing, inter-carrier billing, carrier-to-carrier billing, and simply carrier billing.

NetBill – A Web Hosted Telecom Billing Solution supports hundreds of CDR formats from traditional TDM switches, soft switches, VoIP Gateways, and SIP-based switches. We pride ourselves on rapid implementation and we activate most new accounts within two business days. If your equipment isn't already supported we can probably build an interface for it in 1-2 days.

Today’s toughest task for Telecom Service Providers is to maintain their “Rate Sheets” with varying demand and usage of Customers and also with the varying “Market Competition”. NetBill – A Web Hosted Telecom Billing Solution is here to support you for this aspect in very simple few steps data entry in our system where you can change your “Rate Sheet” as per your Business Demand, very easily.

NetBill – A Web Hosted Telecom Billing Solution support seven different Billing Cycles, named Weekly, Fort Nightly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, & Yearly. You can choose anyone of them for any subscriber.

Using NetBill – A Web Hosted Telecom Billing Solution the wholesale telecom carriers need to take care only of their growth in service providing part, all the Billing functionality will be handled by NetBill- A Web Hosted Telecom Billing Solution.



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